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Witness The Big Bang of Watches

By Isaac Taylor

Hublot has literally got the entire spectrum of colours covered with their latest collection of Big Bang, a series they have been running since 2005 with great success. To mark the 15th anniversary, Hublot has conceived a new integrated bracelet with the knock on effect of a brand new case design. The new launch consists of three models, including a 500-piece limited edition All Black version dedicated to the “invisible visibility” concept introduced in 2006.

It has been released in three materials protecting the HUB1280 movement: lightweight titanium; hard-wearing, scratch-proof ceramic; and King Gold, a unique alloy of gold, copper and platinum which results in an intensely red 18-carat gold, exclusive to Hublot. The pushers on the body became the inspiration for the bracelets sharp style and polished, satin-finished surface. The redesign on the body itself though doesn’t throw away any of the DNA famous to the Big Bang line, however. The dial and bezel are identical to the existing Big Bang 42mm model, and there are small tweaks, like the indices which replace the Arabic numerals of the previous models.

“15 years of the Big Bang and a new first. A unique, fully integrated bracelet and a redesigned case for a different clientèle.” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. “The Big Bang Integral and its integrated architecture have propelled this model into a whole new universe.”

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