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Top 5 Home Hair Care Hacks For Men To Get You Through


Maintaining great hair doesn’t have to take a lot of effort as long as you get the basics right. Here’s our top five men's hair care tips for keeping your hair at it’s best. 

Over washing strips away important natural oils which give your scalp the hydration it needs. 3-4 times per week is recommended for most guys, using a quality shampoo. Remember not to skip out on the conditioner, and give yourself a scalp massage when shampooing to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate the follicles. Shop our go to range from The Bowery here.  


Especially for those with thinner hair, be sure to pat dry instead of rubbing vigorously to prevent and decrease breakage. Avoid too much time spent in tight caps for this same reason as it causes hair to rub against the threads, damaging your hair cuticles and hindering regrowth.




When using a dryer, try setting it on cool mode instead of hot blast. Think of it as directing your hair into the position you want as well as drying it. While it may take slightly longer, you’ll gain that extra volume while avoiding heat damage which can cause frizz. Leave hair ever so slightly damp so you know you aren't over-drying it. 
When it comes to product, we've all heard the saying that a little goes a long way. Use sparingly to retain a more natural look and avoid that heavy or greasy appearance - if you can’t run your fingers through your hair, you’ve used too much. To remove heavier wax residue, shampoo hair dry first, and then wash as normal again after with shampoo and conditioner. 
Adding texture to a cut not only makes it easier to style, but keeps it looking better as it grows out and buying you that extra bit of time between cuts. Now's a better time than ever to experiment with a new style while you have the chance to grow it out a bit. Ask your barber for a 'shape-up' rather than a cut to keep things tidy next time while you create the shape you'd like to grow into.


Remember, a bit like your body, the health of your hair is influenced by what you put in your mouth and the habits you form. High levels of stress restrict proper circulation to your scalps blood cells. A lack of protein leads to slower new hair growth. Poor sleep limits the ability of your body to effectively repair and restore.  We may be stuck at home a little more right now with less of a focus on looking good for others, so take this time to focus a little more on looking good just for you.