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The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape: A Man's Guide

Just when you thought you'd heard of everything, a blog like this comes along talking about face shapes. Yes, we get that everyone is different and has a different face, but face shapes? What the hell are those? And do we even need to know about them? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, learning about your face shape is important because it allows you to choose the hairstyle that best suits you. But no, you aren't going to die alone on the broken dreams of your unmet potential if you go through life without figuring out your face shape.

Knowing your face shape is handy because it not only helps you pick the best hairstyle for your features but can guide you when it comes to things like choosing sunglasses or growing a beard. So, let's keep this short and sweet as we break down the different face shapes and the hairstyles that suit them.

First, Know Thyself.

When it comes to face shapes, there are six common types: diamond, heart, oval, rectangle, round, and square-shaped faces. Finding your face shape is pretty simple:

Step 1: Where is the Width?

Check the mirror and determine which part of your face is the widest. If your forehead is the widest part of your face, you have an oval-shaped face. If your cheekbones are the widest, your face is round or heart-shaped (see Step 2). If your forehead, cheeks, and jaw seem evenly proportioned width-wise, You likely have a square-shaped face. 

Step 2: Just the Jaw. 

If you’re unsure whether you have a round or heart-shaped face, take a gander at your jaw. If your jaw is shorter or rounder, you have a round-shaped face. If it is pointy or narrower, your face is heart-shaped. If your jaw is wider and square-shaped, you likely have a square-shaped face.

Step 3: Get Technical. 

If you still can’t figure out your face shape, it's time to get technical. Measure the width of your forehead, the width of your cheekbones, and the width of the widest part of your jaw (the area where you can feel the muscle that moves when you clench your teeth). Once you have your measurements, take a look at the guide below.

The Round Face

The round face is equal in width and length with a softer rounded shape, especially around the chin (think Seal, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Ephron). The key with round face shapes is to create the illusion of length and angularity through styles that are shorter on the sides and longer on top. The Classic Pompadour, long Quiffs with a side part, and a squared beard all help to balance this face shape. 

The Square Face

Like the round face, the square face is similar in length and width but tends to be more angular, defined, and sharp – particularly around the jawline (think Brad Pitt, Nick Lachey, and David Beckham). In order to avoid looking like a Lego man, you'll want to avoid styles with bulk at the sides or a middle part. A simple crew cut (The Fade), the Modern Side, and the V Fade Pompadour are all suitable styles for this face shape. Beards are best kept closely trimmed. 

The Oval Face

The oval face is longer than it is wide. With this shape, the cheekbones are generally the widest part of the face, and the jaw and forehead are more rounded (think George Clooney, Idris Elba, Justin Bieber). Oval face shapes are lucky in that they suit almost any style so the sky is the limit. Experiment with high-volume styles like the Faux Hawk or Long Scissor Cut and add a squared-off beard for extra cool factor.

The Heart Face

If you have a narrow chin and a face that widens upwards towards the forehead, you likely have a heart-shaped face (think Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake). To balance a heart-shaped face, it's best to keep some length on the top while opting for wider, more squared-off hairstyles. A neat short beard can also help add volume to smaller jawlines.  

Diamond Faces 

The diamond-shaped face is narrow at the forehead and jawline, with the most width at the cheekbones (think Ricky Martin, Robert Patterson). Unlike the oval-shaped face, which is rounded and egg-shaped, the diamond-shaped face is more angular, with a pointy chin and high cheekbones. This face shape looks best with a faded crew cut (The Fade) or a shorter variation of the V Fade Pompadour. Adding texture to a style will help balance the face, and if you want to go for a beard, make sure to keep it close (think 5-o-clock-shadow). 

Face the Future

And there you have it, gentlemen – a crash course in choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face shape. Hopefully, you've learnt something new about yourself and are busy pondering your next cut. Remember: If in doubt, ask your barber – they are the experts after all!