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How to Manage and Style Curly Hair Types

BarberShopCo Curly Hair

Last week M2 took the lads down to BarberShopCo. for a sheering. We caught a moment with our barbers to get the inside scoop on what we can do to both pick and maintain a stylish look.

Our barber Rikki opted for a disconnected cut for Jackson, which gives a delineated look rather than the usual fade or blend between the top and sides. The sides and back are somewhere between a 1 and 2 with tapers on the front sideburns, which help maintain the haircut for longer as well as maintaining strong tidy lines. This look is perfect for anyone with a lot of hair as it keeps the sides tidy while also keeping a lot of length to show off those curls.

Unlike some of the other looks BarberShopCo has helped us with, this one requires a little more attention, but it’s the price you pay for having so much hair, so let's dig into how to take care of it.

To take care of thick unruly hair, you should keep it hydrated to mitigate frizz and unruliness, which means splashing out on some decent shampoo and conditioner. Keep an eye out for something sulphate free with no parabens. The Bowery Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for your needs.

To keep it styled, Rikki recommends you getting your hands on some The Bowery Finisher to help the hair soak in all those good oils that restore and hydrate the hair. Once your hair has air dried, throw in some The Bowery Slidewhich keeps the hair looking healthy as well as giving it the flexibility hold your curly hair needs.

If you opt for blow drying, don’t max out the dryer to get the job out of the way quickly. Instead, go on the softest setting and do your hair in clumps to reduce frizz. Otherwise scrunch your wet hair in a towel rather than rubbing down to also avoid frizz.

If you’re looking to wrangle your curly hair, find your local BarberShopCo here.

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Photography by Damien Van Der Vlist.

Hair Styled by Rikki from BarberShopCo

Make Up by Stacy Lee Ghin

Model: Jackson/62 Management