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Busting Shaving Myths: The Truth about Hair Growth

Okay, men, here's one for the books: shaving myths. Because whether you're bearded, smooth-shaven, scraggly, or moustachioed, I'm betting you've heard them all. The problem with shaving myths is they sound so damn believable. And since shaving is standard practice for most of us, we need keep our wits about us when it comes to grooming and hair growth.

From the day we first pick up a shaver, we are confronted with tall tales of the hairy kind. Have you ever been told that shaving your face (or any other body part) will make your hair sprout back thicker? Or grow faster? Or will cause your hair to become darker? Well, you're not the only one! So, grab your razors, men and get ready to debunk some bristly misconceptions because we're diving deep into the hairy world of shaving myths!


First things first, let's clear the air on this popular myth once and for all—shaving does not, I repeat, does not make your hair grow back faster or thicker. And it won't affect the colour of your hair either. This myth has been floating around for far too long – over 100 years! That's right, the first clinical study that tackled – and disproved – this myth was conducted in 1928. Yet, despite this, the tale of the super-fast, super-thick, super-dark, shaving-altered hair lives on – and it's time to end the madness. 

The roots of this myth (if you'll pardon the pun) are tied to the fact that hair growth can look different after shaving. Unshaven hair tends to have a thinner, softer tip. When you shave, you remove this tip leaving the coarser base of the hair in place. This coarser base is thicker than the tip of the hair and, because of this, can also appear darker.

But the truth of the matter is that hair growth occurs beneath the skin's surface, in the hair follicles. When you shave, you're merely trimming the hair shaft above the skin. It's like getting your hair cut — it doesn't make it grow faster or thicker, and it certainly doesn't change its colour. So, now that we've got that sorted, you can relax and enjoy your smooth, freshly shaven face without worrying about becoming a Sasquatch overnight.


While we're on the subject, let's tackle a few other hair-related myths that need plucking:

Pulling out a grey hair will cause more to grow: Nope, sorry, my friend. Plucking that pesky grey hair won't result in a grey army sprouting from your scalp. What you do to one strand of hair will not spread to the others like the Coronavirus. 

Shampooing daily leads to hair loss: If you're worried that shampooing too often will turn your luscious mane into a barren wasteland, take a deep breath and lather up. Daily shampooing won't cause hair loss. Just use a gentle shampoo (such as this one by The Bowery) and avoid excessive heat styling – your hair will thank you.

Wearing a hat causes hair thinning: Uhhh, no. Just no. Wearing a hat will not thin your hair. In fact, it will protect your hair (and head) from direct sunlight, which can cause hair to become dry and damaged over time. 


Now that we've separated fact from fiction let's dive into the art of shaving with a few simple steps:

Prep your skin: Before you embark on your shaving adventure, soften your facial hair by taking a hot shower or applying a warm towel to your face. This preps your skin and hair, making shaving easier. 

Choose the right tools: I can't say this enough: Invest in a high-quality razor! Whether you opt for an electric shaver, a fancy multi-blade cartridge razor, or an old-school cut-throat razor like this beauty, make sure it is the best you can afford. 

Don't skimp on shaving cream: Lathering up with a good shaving cream provides lubrication and hydration to your skin, making for an easier shave and healthier skin. Look for a shave cream that uses gentle nourishing ingredients (like this one from Earnest Empire) and avoid using soap or shampoos as they can dry out your skin.

Shave with the grain: Going against the grain might sound cool, but it can lead to razor burn and irritation. Follow the natural direction of your hair growth to minimise the risk of skin problems.

Moisturise like a boss: After shaving, rinse your skin with cool water and apply a quality moisturiser to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Using a quality  moisturiser with a built in SPF (like this one) is perfect for protecting your skin during the day.