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The Snake Hole

For Mornington Peninsulas Josh Brown, the trail to establishing a creative culture in his hometown was new ground – a path hed have to carve out for himself.

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Thankyou water

It was when Daniel Flynn was 18 years old and attending university that the idea for Thankyou Water was first born. 

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Barbers of Bangkok

It’s great to see the modern Barber scene happening in the new look Bangkok. This buzzing space is alive and well, and it’s great to see young kids respecting the trade and lining up inside the Barbershops for their individualised styles.

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Tattoist Sunny

“How do I get into tattooing?” He explained that it was by apprenticeship. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, as the shop was looking for a new apprentice!

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Tattoos and Coffee

I was 25 when I got my first tattoo. I remember everything about it. Where I was, what the parlour smelt like, and most importantly how cool I felt. Even cooler when I settled on a Celtic butterfly in the small of my back, classy I know.

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How Beards are changing the world

The humble beard. Its really made a come back, right chaps? These days, facial hair is more than just a ravishing fashion statement, its changing the world. Heres how.

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